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It has been way too long since I have posted, so I felt I was due to write something! After I left Charleston at the end of July, I spent two months in Florida soaking up as much sun and fun as I could before I made the big move to NYC. I am now living with my best friend from High School, and couldn’t be happier to be enjoying every moment living on the Upper East Side. I just moved here about a week ago, and while in between the job search and countless applications & interviews, I have been adjusting to the fall climate here in the city and observing the endless fall styles throughout the streets of the Big Apple.

Being born and raised in New Jersey, I have always been used to having the four seasons, and 50 degree weather in September/October was always acceptable and considered normal to me. However, spending my four years of college down south altered my perception of what “cold” really is since it never dropped to drastically low temperatures there. Now that I’m back in my native territory, I am re-adjusting to the dropping climates. With that being said, I wanted to share a few outfit ideas for the fall season. I also realized that it’s about the same time I wrote my first ever blog post, so I wanted to make this my one year anniversary post. While I have literally a million outfit ideas I want to share, here are just a few that I thought were most important.

In the fall, one of the first things that comes to mind when I consider an outfit is…

|| Sweaters||

I recently purchased this cozy sweater the other day in the sale section at Urban Outfitters. {It’s literally called the Cozy V- Neck Sweater}. This pullover sweater is made of 100% cotton, is available in 5 colors, and is so easy to wear with leggings, jeans, or even over a dress depending on the climate.

#sweater #knit #cotton #cozy #cozyvnecksweater #urbanoutfitters #leggings #booties #fall #nyc
#sweater #knit #cotton #cozy #cozyvnecksweater #urbanoutfitters #leggings #booties #fall #nyc


I also chose to feature my staple fur vest and brown leather Vera Pelle purse, two special items to me since I got them both at London Fashion Week.



The next thing that pops into my mind when I think of fall….

|| Flannels ||

There is nothing more comfortable than throwing on a flannel over any given top with some leggings or jeans. I have probably 100 flannels (slight exaggeration) that are either vintage, thrift finds, or purchases from various boutiques/stores. This specific flannel is another recent purchase, layered over a fitted cropped grey sweater worn with a beanie from Brandy Melville.

#flannel #cropped #sweater #fitted #leggings #beanie #brandymelville #katespade
#flannel #cropped #sweater #fitted #leggings #beanie #brandymelville #katespade



The necklace I am wearing in this outfit has become my new everyday obsession. The Open Circle Layering Necklace looks cute on any tank, shirt, 0r dress.




 I replaced my flannel with a leather jacket, another MUST and go to for the fall season.

#bershka #UK #leather #jacket
#bershka #UK #leather #jacket



After replacing the leather jacket, I threw on the fur vest over the cropped sweater.


 Yet another purchase (I did a lot of shopping this week) is a basic denim button down shirt. The beauty of this shirt is that you can wear it over any shirt whether it be a core tank top, graphic T, you name it. You can also choose to wear it open or buttoned up.

#denim #shirt #buttondown #urbanoutfitters #leggings #booties #beanie
#denim #shirt #buttondown #urbanoutfitters #leggings #booties #beanie




Shoes are a crucial decision in any season, but I feel like Fall is the most fun to coordinate with outfits, and my personal favorite? \\ B O O T I E S 

The booties I am wearing in this outfit are one of my newest shoe-wear purchases that are perfect with any bottoms whether it be leggings, jeans, a skirt, shorts, etc. I am also still obsessed to this day with my steve madden troopas {in both black and brown} because I honestly feel like they are timeless and will never go out of style. These options are great because they’re not too heavy of shoes yet they still keep you warm. I’m not pulling out my tall boots until it gets a little chillier or until I am forced to…

#booties #buckles #black #leather #fall
#booties #buckles #black #leather #fall




Now that I am settled in the city, I’ll be posting much more frequently to update you on my seasonal favorites, and as the seasons transition.

XOXO, Eastcoastgypsy




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