Suede with Love

I’ve been waiting for this highly admired jacket to be back in stock for weeks now, and the day finally came that I was able to snatch it – {It’s so popular that it’s already out of stock again!} The second I saw it was available I knew I needed it in my closet. This suede moto jacket is perfect for any occasion, and can we worn with countless choices. Not only does it look good, it feels good. It’s so comfy to throw on when you’re leaving the house and perfect for this in-between winter and spring weather in north Florida.

IMG_9488 IMG_9494 IMG_9532 IMG_9533 IMG_9536

Below is the link for this beauty ; currently only Olive Green is available but you can get on the list to be notified when tan is back in stock.

Lulus Suede with Love jacket


Eastcoastgypsy <3

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