East Coast Gypsy goes West Coast

HI GUYS! I know I know, I’ve been a stranger and haven’t posted in forever/have felt more inspired to post on Insta lately than blog posts. But I swear there’s a reason for this – I just made the move to Los Angeles two weeks ago and have had some plans in the making to rebrand. What better way to do that than starting fresh in a new city? I drove across the country which included stops in Biloxi, Mississippi | San Antonio, Texas | Tuscon, Arizona | & Palm Springs, California. While it was exciting and adventurous, let’s just say it’s a trip I’ll never do again. (See below for some travel pics)

Living in Florida for 2 years was more than I ever imagined or expected. I met the most amazing friends, co-workers, landed a dream job, and truly felt at home. I actually bawled my eyes out on the last day of my job; it was totally bittersweet. But I have had a dream of living in LA ever since my brother moved out here in 2012, and having a few best girlfriends in the area made the move more practical too.  There’s something about it here that just makes you feel so carefree, happy & inspired all the time. Every time I’ve visited, I visioned a life here. Not to mention EVERYONE is active and dresses really cute. My brothers always say “west coast best coast”, and I’m already convinced. Fashion is everywhere here, and I promised myself I would take my blog more serious in a place where I felt the opportunity was more readily available and in an environment where I would be motivated and excited about blogging. So, that is what I’ve done.

A few days ago I got the chance to work with an amazing photographer named Nikki Lazaro (check out her site to see some of her amazing work). We shot by the Hollywood Sign, and all I could think of was the Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA” song because the sign was constantly to my right (lol, bad joke). ANYWAYS – Shooting with Nikki was so awesome, and we worked really well together. She’s super talented, knows what looks good and doesn’t, and had the best sense of creative direction which is exactly what I needed.

I got this adorable off the shoulder romper on my birthday in Laguna Beach at the cutest little boutique that I could’ve lived in for hours. Shout-out to stores that give you wine when you shop <3 The romper is Faithfull The Brand, one of my favs – I think I’ve already worn it 3 times since my birthday, which was just 2 weeks ago, sooo you could say I’m obsessed.

PS; People have asked me if I am changing my name to Westcoastgypsy now that I’m in LA, and the answer is no. I will ALWAYS be an East Coast native at heart. This is just my new journey and I want to keep my name as a reminder of where my roots come from.












Some cross-country travel pics:


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