Dinner, Drinks & Date

Happy Sunday everyone! This weekend my boyfriend came in to town from Jacksonville, Florida and it was an eventful one to say the least. We went out Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, so Sunday brunch was much needed today. It was our four month anniversary (even though it feels like a whole lot longer), and

+ Cross Obsession +

I’ve had a strange obsession with incorporating some sort of cross icon into my outfit for the past year or so. There is something about the image of a cross that makes such a strong statement in any outfit, and for that reason it is definitely one of my many staple pieces in my closet.

Take One

It’s always been one of my interests to create my own personal fashion blog, so I decided to finally take a stab at it. Having transferred colleges and studying abroad in London for five months, I am now living the life of a super-senior…totally worth it if you ask me. As I finish up my